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The resort is made up of four different villages, with Les Claux by far the largest and home to the most facilities. The most modern of the villages, it blends into the woods at the base. Hit Les Claux for the best bars and aprčs-ski atmosphere.

The smaller villages include Sainte Catherine, a sunny village with typical Vars architecture; traditional old farms with the ground floor made out of stones, upper floor out of wood, and a balcony to dry the clothes. The village has kept its communal wash tub, its traditional larch wooden balconies, its "gruate" (pulleys to store ricks) and its communal oven. Saint Marcellin is the oldest village, and objects and jewels dating back to bronze age have been unearthed close by during excavations.

The gateway to the ski areas, Sainte Marie, is the administrative centre and site of the first tourist developments, and with the Peyniers and the Olympic snow fronts, where some of the Foręt Blanche's most beautiful pistes remain. With good snow, great sun and cheaper prices than some French resorts, Vars is a guaranteed good ski holiday for a lower cost.

Vars skijalište

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Min. visina: 1650 m
Max. visina: 2750 m


Najbliža zračna luka: Turin, 150 km
Najbliži željeznički kolodvor: Montdauphin Guillestre, 15 km
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Direktan ski bus sa željezničkog kolodvora

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Cijelo skijalilšte: 180 km

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