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Axamer Lizum – Out Of The Way Ski Vacations in Austria
Skiing in Axamer Lizum (part of Innsbruck) offers some nice highlights for beginners and intermediate skiers looking for a high altitude, snow-sure ski holiday. The maximum height here with panoramas is 2340 meters, with the lowest point flattening out at 1583 meters. As many know, Austria has had a long history of some of the longest skiing dates in Europe, with many thanks going out to the Alps. Axamer Lizum is by no means an exception. The skiing and snowboarding here starts early and ends late—roughly mid to late November and running till the end of April or beginning of May. Axamer Lizum has 41 km of pistes, with 4 km for beginners, 27 km for intermediate and 10 km for expert skiers. Snow machines cover over 75% of the ski resort, so skiers, snowboarders (a halfpipe), telemarkers, boarders and carvers will have a heyday. There is a bus that connects the town center to the ski area. This bus trip can take up to an hour one-way. Innsbruck is not too far away if nightlife is a nightly must, but don’t expect to find a happening crowd at the base of these mountains—small towns with basic amenities is about all there is lying around. The connectivity to the other ski areas is a downside, but the trip to Axamer Lizum for skiing is well worth the effort.
Axamer Lizum Accommodation: Accommodation in and near Axamer Lizum is not hard to find, as hotels, apartments, chalets and bed and breakfast are plentiful.

Axamer Lizum skijalište

Opći podaci

Min. visina: 1583 m
Max. visina: 2340 m


Direktan bus sa željezničkog kolodvora
Direktan ski bus sa željezničkog kolodvora

Informacije o skijalištu

Cijelo skijalilšte: 41 km
Duljina staza za skijaško trčanje: 5 km

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Crvene: 20 km

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