Skijalište Bormio - skijaški odmor na destinaciji Bormio

Bormio skijanje

Bormio is one of the few ski resorts that offer up some history with skiing. The Romans used Bormio as a place of recuperation and relaxation. They came here to inhale fresh air and lie around in the thermal baths - from the cold to the boiling hot ones. Before then, however, traders came through on their traverse from Venice to Switzerland bartering and buying goods that would make them money farther afoot. The town’s center is still as attractive as it was back in the days.

Presently, Bormio is a snow-sure ski frenzy during the winter months. In the Lombardia region of the Italian Alps, the Italian skiing and snowboarding doesn’t get much better than this. The highest reachable point in this part of the Alps is 3,012 meters, not too farther than the 1,225 minimum altitude. There are 14 ski runs, 14 ski lifts, over 50 km of slopes (plus 13 cross-country) just a couple hours (191 km) from Milan, where a direct bus connects to Bormio. The best vertical drop skiers will find here is 1,787 meters, but the 120 km of ski terrain is all within reach under one ski pass.

The ski passes are priced for the family. An adult can get a ski pass for around 100-150 Euros, while children aged seven and under get in for free.


Bormio has every form of lodging under the sun. From Auberges to chalets, villas, bed and breakfast and three to four star hotels and self-catering apartments, the options are endless. For a little bit more money, skiers can let an apartment or hotel just minutes from the slopes. Prices for Bormio hotels tend to be lower when farther from the slopes. Many of the hotels have their own pools, spas and thermal waters enticing skiers after a long day of skiing and snowboarding.

Bormio skijalište

Opći podaci

Min. visina: 1225 m
Max. visina: 3012 m


Najbliža zračna luka: Milano, 191 km
Direktan bus sa željezničkog kolodvora
Direktan ski bus sa željezničkog kolodvora

Informacije o skijalištu

Cijelo skijalilšte: 78 km
Najduža staza: 6 km
Duljina staza za skijaško trčanje: 13 km

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Plave: 27 km
Crvene: 38 km
Crne: 13 km

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