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Sestriere skijanje

Sestriere – Vialattea Ski Resort – Huge Ski Holidays Under One Pass
Sestriere, Vialattea Italy ski resort is a ginormous conglomerate of ski areas, all skiable with one ski pass — that is 400 km of slopes for one reasonable price. The pass includes Sestriere, of course, but also supplies entrance to Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, Clavere, Montgenevre and Cesana. If visitors choose to stay in Sestriere, Vialattea Ski Resort, however, access is limited to only there. The highest any skier can access safely is 2840 meters, with the longest slope riding for just over 1000 meters. When all added together, there are 25 km worth of cross-country ski runs and another 25 km of skate cross-country ski runs. Snowboarding is more limiting here, but night skiing until 10 o’clock is very popular, particularly on the Giovanni Alberto Agnelli (former World Cup) ski run. Many of the more popular ski runs are lined with trees and feel more captivating than closed. The closest airport to Sestriere is in Torino, less than 100 km away. A bus and shuttle can take you direct both ways, so ski holidays on the weekends are not limited to staying at home.

The Sestriere, Vialattea skiing resort has plenty of three- and four-star hotels to spend cozy evenings watching movies with a loved one. Other residences are apartment styled; they have everything for self-catered holidays. Some are a ways from the Sestriere town center, but most offer free shuttle services with arranged pick up/drop off areas. Some of these Italy lodges offer free storage of gear, boots and skis.


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Sestriere skijalište

Opći podaci

Min. visina: 1840 m
Max. visina: 2840 m


Najbliža zračna luka: Torino, 96 km
Direktan bus sa željezničkog kolodvora
Direktan ski bus sa željezničkog kolodvora

Informacije o skijalištu

Cijelo skijalilšte: 400 km
Najduža staza: 5 km
Duljina staza za skijaško trčanje: 25 km

Umjetni snijeg
Noćno skijanje

Plave: 97 km
Crvene: 223 km
Crne: 80 km

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